We are Going Back to the Moon; Here is Where We Stand

As Artemis I sits fully stacked in Cape Canaveral, teams across the United States are hard at work preparing the next Artemis missions. Here is where those missions stand:

Artemis II: The Interim Cryogenic Propulsion Stage (ICPS) was the first part of the rocket to arrive in Florida. The ICPS is responsible for in-space propulsion and pointing in the direction of the Moon. The engines have been tested and they are awaiting integration into the core stages. Artemis II is set to launch May of 2024.

Artemis III: The ICPS is in the process of being constructed at ULA in Alabama. The boosters are in the final stages of assembly and the engines are being prepped for test flight! Artemis III will launch no earlier than 2025.

Artemis IV: Teams at Northrop Grumman are in the process of building the five booster segments and the engines are in the process of being manufactured. Scheduled to launch March 2026, Artemis IV will take the first woman and first person of color to the Moon.

Want to learn more about how were going back to the Moon? Click on the links below!

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