Kristin Thomas

Kristin is a self-proclaimed space cadet! Inspired by her great aunt who spent her career at Rockwell in the Space Division, Kristin has always been in awe of the cosmos. During her job search in 2009, after moving to Denver from Columbus, Ohio, she found Red Canyon’s posting for an Administrative Assistant and immediately felt it was her mission to apply. A few weeks later, Kristin joined the RC Fam and the rest is (her)story! She is a connector, problem solver, facilitator, and mentor. Kristin is a people person who thrives on bringing humans together to learn from each other – and have fun along the way! Kristin embodies a work hard, play hard philosophy. She is full of wanderlust, loves the sun and moon shine, relishes in a good beat, and always enjoys the company of family and friends. Kristin is looking forward to connecting with you!