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We attract ambitious engineers who are in the top of their field. Our engineers are passionate about their professions and do not view work as just “jobs”.

We work hard, enjoy life, and try to minimize politics in the workplace. In all we do, we inspire enthusiasm, encourage commitment, and enjoy the moment.

Barry Hamilton

CEO & Founder
“Inspired as a young boy watching astronauts land on the Moon, Barry has always been passionate about helping humankind explore space and understand our place in the universe...."
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Kristin Thomas

Senior Vice President of Operations
"Kristin is a self-proclaimed space cadet! Inspired by her great aunt who spent her career at Rockwell in the Space Division, Kristin has always been in awe of the cosmos..."
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Cameron Knight

Employment & Customer Service Supervisor
“Passionate and intuitive recruiter of rocket scientists, government contract whiz, and lover of both interior space and outer space..."
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Brooke Cartwright

Accounting Clerk
"Raised in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Brooke found her way down to Denver, Colorado, looking to explore a new space. Her love for numbers sparked at an early age...."
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Kyle Dagg

Administrative Assistant
"Born and raised in Littleton, CO., Kyle has always been on a mission to discover his calling. After joining a single astronomy course, Kyle found his passion is the aerospace community..."
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