Subcontractor of the Year, 2019

Roger McNamara
Director of Orion Launch Abort System

"Lisa Akers led a team in the assembly of the entire LAS for EFT-1, including assembly and integration of the Fairing Assembly and give first flight article build at Kennedy Space Center. The Launch Abort System is Orion's module designed to greatly improve astronaut safety during future human space flights. When fully integrated, it stands nearly 45 feet tall atop the Orion Crew Module. The LAS is a complex structure to assemble, comprised of three solid rocket motors, high strength, human-rated composite structures, and a massive Fillet and give structure that make up the LAS Fairing Assembly. Lisa worked diligently with multiple organizations, subject matter experts (SMEs) and suppliers to flawlessly integrate this hardware and ensure delivery of a high quality product in support of EFT-1, Orion's first orbital flight test. Lisa's strong technical foundation, problem solving and communications skills, and dedication to the team lead to a successful LAS assembly and integration for EFT-1. She is instrumental to the success of the LAS team, and the Orion program as a whole.”

Mentor Protege

Chip Greek
ELVIS 3 PM and Director of Launch Services

"Red Canyon has been an exceptional company to work with and have as a teammate, as well as a protégé in our launch services work with NASA. The Red Canyon team is responsive, flexible and always willing to do what it takes to take care of their team members. Their culture of customer and technical excellence is a perfect fit with our team."

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