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Core Flight Software

Aerospace Flight Software Development

Red Canyon Software custom cFS embedded flight software for your spacecraft while also protecting your IP. Our Guidance, Navigation and Control (GNC) engineers utilize MATLAB/Simulink to develop the GNC and ADCS (attitude determination and control system) algorithms. Then, our spacecraft flight software team autogenerates cFS flight software quickly with MATLAB/Simulink. This rapidly decreases the development cycle. If cyclomatic complexity is too high, we are able to go in and modify the code. Our team is also able to write and install bootloaders for your flight processor.

Custom Aerospace Flight Software:

Real-time operating system aerospace flight software is ready to deploy on your spaceship’s avionics hardware and defines customer-specific mission scenarios. We take in consideration the difference in operating systems with onboard applications and layer the architecture for more diverse portability.

Core Flight System (cFS) Missions

Red Canyon cFS Missions:

As an experienced aerospace core flight system software developer, we have worked on cFS missions including:

cFS has flown on the following NASA Missions:

Aerospace Flight Software Testing:

Our product offers full dynamic simulation, modeling, and closed-loop testing prior with HWIL. The integration to the spacecraft HW has been simplified and direct GN&C math modeling using MATLAB/Simulink.


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