They Sent WHAT to Space?

Dating back to the 1970s, humans aren’t the only interesting things that have been set into orbit. We mentioned a year ago that slime was sent to the ISS for astronauts to experiment with (and have fun with)! Additionally, scientists have sent spiders, bullfrogs, Japanese rice fish, honeybees, and even Salmonella into space to observe how each would react to being in zero gravity. Some experiments – like the bullfrogs – were very successful because the experimenters discovered the information they were looking for, while other experiments – like the honeybees – unfortunately were unsuccessful due to the extreme cold.

What would you like to see in space? Click the links below to see what else has been sent into space!

10 unusual things researchers launched into space for science

10 animals that have been to space

The 10 most unusual objects ever launched into space

NASA Education lesson: What would you bring?

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