The Moon’s Green Thumb

Space plant success! We can grow plants in lunar soil!

In a recent study, scientists planted microgreen seeds into four different soils:  lunar soil (or “regolith”) samples from Apollo missions 11, 12, and 17, and for a control group, a lunar simulant made from volcanic ash. To the researcher’s astonishment, after only two days, all the seeds started to sprout!

After some time, the groups did start to show some differences in growth. The control group was the most robust while the Apollo 11 samples were the least developed. The results show that ‘younger’ lunar soil that has had less exposure time to the sun and cosmic rays will be the best for plant growth This data is very helpful for planning future crewed missions to the Moon and feeding our future astronauts! Want to learn more about growing plants in lunar soil and the benefits to lunar agriculture? Check out the links below!

Scientists Grow Plants in Lunar Soil

Scientists grow 1st plants in moon soil

For the First Time Ever, Scientists Grow Plants in Lunar Soil

Scientists grow plants in lunar soil for the first time

Plants Grown in Apollo lunar regolith presents stress-associated transcriptomes that inform prospects for lunar exploration

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