The International Space Station’s ‘Space Olympics’

The 2020 Olympics have reached new heights, specifically 400 kilometers above Earth’s surface! While athletes are competing in Japan, astronauts on board the ISS have been following along. They have even been creating space related events like who can float around the longest without bumping into anything and synchronized floating! The ‘Space Olympics’ are meant to be a friendly team bonding activity between the Russian Soyuz crew and SpaceX’s Dragon Crew. Pictured above are all the astronaut-athletes under all of the country flags of the world; another great representation of the world coming together.

Want to see more pictures like this? Click on the links below!

Astronauts are celebrating their own Summer Olympics in space (satellites, too)

Thomas Pesquet, astronaut on the ISS: “We’re definitely going to watch the Olympics from here.”

Astronaut Thomas Pesquet Official Flickr Account

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