The First All-Private Astronaut Mission Launched This Morning!

The Axiom-1 (Ax-1) Crew launched successfully at 11:17 EDT this morning from the Kennedy Space Center. What makes this launch special is that Ax-1 is the first all private astronaut mission to go to the International Space Station!  The four-man crew includes Michael López-Alegría (the Ax-1 commander and a former NASA astronaut), Larry Connor (Ax-1 pilot), Eytan Stibbe (Ax-1 mission specialist), and Mark Pathy (Ax-1 mission specialist). The crew is scheduled to dock at 7:45 AM EDT which will be live streamed by both NASA and Axiom. We are truly taking steps into the future of space travel!

Want to learn more about the mission, or track the travel progress in real time for yourself? Check out the links below!

Private astronaut mission cleared for launch

SpaceX launches commercial mission to ISS

The next giant leap for humanity starts here. And now.

Axiom Private Astronauts Headed to International Space Station

NASA Live (YouTube)

Live coverage: Four private astronauts launch to International Space Station

Ax-1 – 1st all private crew to ISS – successfully launched

Ax-1 Mission | Launch

Ax-1, First Private Crewed Space Station Mission, Launches Successfully

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