Super Flower Blood Moon Eclipse

Next week is one of the best astronomical happenings of 2021! Not only will the Moon be the closest to Earth all year – producing May’s full Flower Moon – but also in the morning of May 26th, the Moon will be eclipsed by the Earth. The longer red wavelengths of light from the sun will shine through Earth’s atmosphere, illuminating a “Blood Moon”. The Moon will appear red for only 14 minutes and 30 seconds, so make sure to set your alarm! In the southwestern part of the sky, you will be able to see this beautiful phenomenon at the following times:

Texas: 6:11-6:25 a.m.

Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico: 5:11-5:25 a.m.

Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, and Arizona: 4:11-4:25 a.m.

Click on the links below to learn more about the Super Flower Blood Moon Eclipse!

Blood Moon Eclipse 2021: Exactly When, Where and How You Can See Next Week’s ‘Super Flower Blood Moon’ Total Lunar Eclipse

Find Solar & Lunar Eclipses in Your City

Super Flower Blood Moon! Where and when to see it (YouTube)

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