Stronger Together: A Program for Space Medicine

The University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus (CU) and the aerospace training facility STAR HARBOR have announced they will be combining their talents! Founded in 2021, STAR HARBOR plans to build a 53-acre facility in Lone Tree, CO where they will offer access to parabolic flight, a high-gravity human centrifuge, hypobaric and hyperbaric chambers, and much more.

CU students and faculty will work together with STAR HARBOR’s team of scientists to develop this cutting-edge space medicine research program and train new aerospace industry workers! The goal is to open their doors in 2026 to both customers and the public – helping researchers on Earth inexpensively access testing environments they need to evaluate new space technologies! Want to learn more about CU and STAR HARBOR’s new space medicine research facility? Check out the links below!

CU, STAR HARBOR Join Forces in Preparing Workforce for Outer Space


Doctors in space: CU’s Boulder and School of Medicine campuses will offer a joint degree program to send MDs to infinity and beyond

STAR HARBOR Boosts New Space Economy With World’s First Space Readiness and Innovation Campus in Colorado

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