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One of Red Canyon’s values is to instill a passion about science & math with younger generations. We uphold this value in many ways, including community outreach, participation in the CSBR Student Internship Program, and fundraising opportunities through AIAA. As virtual connection takes the forefront this year, we wanted to share a few resources for online STEM games, experiments, and learning tools for all ages! To all of the students, parents, teachers, and other helpers out there adjusting to a new way of learning: we at Red Canyon see you, appreciate you, and believe in you. Despite the challenges faced, we hope this year serves as an opportunity to keep growing and pursuing dreams!

9 space games that’ll help you escape this planet

#BackToSchool with NASA Science (YouTube)

5 NASA Science Projects That Can Help Teach Kids Astronomy

Kids STEM Guide – Encouraging STEM Activities for K-12 & Beyond

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