SpaceX Crew 3 Wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving Aboard the ISS

While the U.S. sat down for Thanksgiving yesterday, SpaceX’s Crew 3 invited their cosmonaut colleagues to an out of this world Thanksgiving meal. After a full day of work, they got together to enjoy a meal of crab, roasted turkey, stuffing, cobbler and more! The all the food on the ISS dehydrated, so all they have to do is add water and wait (they say it’s pretty good too). Crew 3’s Pilot, Tom Marshburn, tells us that a major theme of their expedition is “those things that brings us together” and Thanksgiving is a great time to bring the international crew together!

Watch Crew 3’s Thanksgiving message by clicking here. Want to learn about the work that goes into the food that astronauts eat? Click the links below!

International Space Station crew gets ready for Thanksgiving with a special message

Startalk Radio Podcast: Food in Space! With Alton Brown and Guests

       Thanksgiving in Space: This Is How Astronauts Celebrate the Holiday Aboard the International Space Station

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