Save Time and Money on Flight Software with Red Canyon’s NASA Spinoff Product

NASA’s open-source software product, core Flight System (cFS), is the foundation of Red Canyon’s solution to provide a quick, low-cost flight software (FSW) solution for spacecraft!  We created a NASA spinoff technology using cFS which was developed by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and has been used on many successful missions already.  Developing custom FSW is expensive and takes significant time.  Our FSW cFS framework can help save on non-recurring engineering (NRE) costs and reduce development time.  Our cFS framework also offers GNC modeling and FlatSat Sim verification and validation. 

Want to learn more about Red Canyon’s cFS module? Read more at, by clicking the links below, or by contacting us at:

Commercial Space: NASA Has an App for That

NASA Spinoff – About

NASA Spinoff Stories

Red Canyon’s Capabilities

Red Canyon – Missions

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