Novel Augmented Reality Software Increases Astronaut Autonomy

As astronauts voyage deeper into space, communication from Earth will be delayed, making autonomy crucial for mission success. Researchers from the NASA Advanced Exploration Systems Team devised a clever solution to increase the work an astronaut can do without direct interaction with Earth. With the use of Microsoft HoloLens, astronauts could follow step-by-step directions that have been pre-programmed into the goggles without referring to separate documents. Though this project only focused on maintenance to the ISS treadmill, future application is expected throughout the space station and beyond!

How is Augmented Reality being used to help build Orion? How will this program in space improve life on Earth? Click below to find out!

New Augmented Reality Applications Assist Astronaut Repairs to Space Station

T2 Treadmill Augmented Reality Procedures; Autonomous Systems and Operations; T2 Augmented Reality

ISS Research: Putting augmented reality to the test in space! (Twitter)

To the moon and beyond: How HoloLens 2 is helping build NASA’s Orion spacecraft

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