New Climate Change Equipment Headed to the ISS

On its 25th resupply mission to the ISS, Space X’s Dragon capsule will include NASA’s Earth Surface Mineral Dust Source Investigation, also known as EMIT. EMIT has a imaging spectrometer which will measure dust-source-compositions around the globe!

More than a billion metric tons of mineral dust from deserts and dry regions is carried into the atmosphere by strong winds each year. Darker minerals absorb sunlight – warming the Earth – while lighter-colored minerals reflect sunlight – cooling the Earth.  EMIT will help scientists by accurately mapping the areas that produce each type of dust – deepening our understanding of Earth’s system.

Want to learn more about the EMIT? Check out the links below!

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NASA, SpaceX Launch Climate Science Research, More to Space Station

NASA’s New Mineral Dust Detector Readies for Launch

EMIT Earth Surface Mineral Dust Source Investigation

NASA’s EMIT Mission Will Map Tiny Dust Particles To Study Big Climate Impacts

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