NASA is Calling on the Next Generation of Explorers!

Today is International Youth Day and to celebrate, we want to share ways for YOU to start your pathway to space!

Want to be a NASA Intern? The aerospace community needs you!

  • If you are interested in science, technology, engineering, math, arts, business, medicine, education, music, exploring other planets, or improving our own – Start your journey with NASA today!

5th grade – 12th grade – Rise to the Challenge with NASA’s TechRise Student Challenge

  • Join a team for a chance to develop, build, and launch experiments on high-altitude balloons! Winning teams win $1,500 to build and launch their experiment. Click here to participate

Kindergarten – 4th grade – It’s never too early to start growing a passion for space.

  • Click Here to play, build, launch, and explore the limitless possibilities of outer space!

Are you a teacher?

  • NASA has provided some great experiments, videos, lesson plans, and more for you to share with your students!

Don’t stop here – Check out NASA STEM Engagement for much more!

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