NASA Considering New LTV Designs for Artemis Missions

This May, NASA announced that they are looking to update its current Lunar Terrain Vehicle (LTV) so astronauts on Artemis and engineers remotely can use the LTV to explore the lunar South Pole! NASA anticipates the LTV to be operational by astronauts in 2029, but they first aim to utilize the LTV as an autonomous uncrewed exploration platform for multiple years prior. NASA requested the LTV to have upgrades to critical systems and fortified protection against extreme environments for dedicated exploration of the lunar South Pole. Proposals for the LTV contract and designs are due in July, with a final decision anticipated during November.

Red Canyon is extremely proud to support Lockheed Martin with the software development and mechanical analysis of their Lunar Mobility Vehicle! A huge shutout to all of our engineers who have supported with the development.

NASA Pursues Lunar Terrain Vehicle Services for Artemis Missions

NASA Artemis Official Website

Lockheed Martin Lunar Mobility Vehicle

Lunar Mobility Vehicle Data Sheet

Red Canyon Software Missions Page

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