Live from the Assembly of the Europa Clipper!

In 2024, the Europa Clipper spacecraft is scheduled to launch for a journey to reach Jupiter’s orbit to study one of its several moons, Europa. When the spacecraft reaches its target, important research and extensive testing can be conducted regarding water, chemistry, and energy on this icy moon. This research could bring vital data for astronomers and scientists regarding habitable locations in space, as some scientists are almost certain Europa has an ocean underneath all of its ice already.  Until launch, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) engineers are constructing the spacecraft and have introduced a livestream that is giving the public an overhead view of the entire assembly of this spacecraft inside of the JPL cleanroom! Before the Europa Clipper launches, you also have the opportunity to add your name “in a bottle” that will be sent to space on the Clipper!

Multiple members of the Red Canyon team have added their name to the mission. Click the second link below to add your name to the Clipper, and click the first link to watch the livestream of the assembly!

Live from the Clean Room – Building Europa Clipper  

Send a Message in a bottle on the Europa Clipper

Europa Clipper Mission Page

Clipper’s Flight Hardware is Ready for Assembly

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