James Webb Space Telescope on Track to Launch December 22

Despite a slight hiccup with attaching the launch vehicle adapter on November 9, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is set to launch in two and a half weeks! It will then arrive at its final location around mid-January, just under a million miles away, unfolding along the way. At almost three times as wide as the Hubble telescope, JWST will collect 6.25 time as much light, allowing us to see further into space. The JWST will be able to see the birth of stars, watch how the early galaxies developed, observe the chemical makeup of exoplanets in search for life signatures, and much more that we won’t know until JWST discovers it!

Click on the links below to learn more about the largest, most powerful space telescope ever built!

JWST undamaged from payload processing incident

The Five Big Ways the James Webb Telescope Will Help Astronomers Understand the Universe

Join Webb on a journey of discovery

JWST Launch Countdown

Join NASA to participate online in the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope

Webb vs Hubble Telescope 

Webb Telescope Deployment Sequence

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