Improve Indoor Air Quality with Plants!

 Did you know that some indoor plants contain significant purification properties? While the benefits of indoor plants may feel intuitive (read: biophilia), retired NASA scientist B.C. Wolverton actually proved their air-purifying capabilities! Wolverton published multiple studies and books on his experimentation of houseplants for improved indoor air quality. The results show that “plants can play a major role in removal of organic chemicals from indoor air” (1989), and that “both plant leaves and soil microorganisms are involved in removing these chemicals from sealed chambers” (1993).

The Red Canyon Operations Team has gained quite a collection of houseplants over the years, both in the office and in our homes! With the increased time spent indoors, consider filling your space with greenery for cleaner, fresher air. A few plants that NASA and Wolverton studied include golden pothos, peace lily, snake plant, rubber plant, and butterfly palm – among many others. For more resources and a full list of plants, check out the links below!

A Study of Interior Landscape Plants for Indoor Air Pollution Abatement

Interior Landscape Plants for Indoor Air Pollution Abatement

Plants and Soil Microorganisms: Removal of Formaldehyde, Xylene, and Ammonia from the Indoor Environment

Wolverton Environmental Services (WES)

NASA Clean Air Study

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