I Spy With My Little Eye … An Exoplanet!

The universe is constantly growing and our knowledge of what exists within it continues to expand! As of January 2023, 5,241 planets have been confirmed in 3,916 different star systems, with the most recent coming from the James Webb Space Telescope, its first exoplanet find!

However, there is so much data on potential exoplanets that scientists have not had the time to confirm each one as definitely a planet. With 9,169 exoplanet candidates waiting to be confirmed, NASA calls on all citizen scientists to join in their Exoplanet Watch program! Whether with their own telescope or data from another, NASA’s program will help professional, casual, and aspiring astronomers learn about, find, and study exoplanets and help NASA answer three big questions: how does the universe work, how did we get here, are we alone?

Check out the links below to join the exoplanet community and learn more about hunting for distant planets!

Exoplanet Watch

Exoplanet Watch – STEM Engagement

Exoplanet Watch

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NASA wants you to help study planets around other stars

Help NASA study exoplanets with Exoplanet Watch

JWST gets first glimpse of 7-planet system with potentially habitable worlds

Kepler’s legacy: discoveries and more

Fermi Paradox: Where are the aliens?

Drake Equation

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