Hurricane Laura From Above

 Mighty Hurricane Laura is moving quickly through the United States, and the ISS crew is chasing the storm – from space! Along with the astronauts, satellites from NASA, NOAA, and other space agencies are also studying the hurricane to keep disaster response experts and meteorologists informed of its progress.

With sustained winds up to 150 mph moving quickly across the nation, this Category 4 hurricane is truly a force of nature. Red Canyon provides engineering support to Earth satellites such as GOES-R that help track these weather patterns and improve our own. You can find links to a few resources provided below. We deeply hope everyone affected is able to prepare, find shelter, and stay safe!

Preparing for Disaster During COVID-19

Hurricane Laura and its ‘unsurvivable storm surge’ loom in space views

LightSail 2 solar sail spots Hurricane Laura from space as satellites track storm’s path

NASA’s Orbital View of a Strengthening, Dangerous Major Hurricane Laura

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