Happy Earth Day, Everyone!

Each year on April 22, we celebrate Earth Day to show our appreciation for the pale blue dot we call home. The first Earth Day started in 1970 with the goal of raising awareness about how our actions affect our environment. It was a smashing success – today, Earth Day is celebrated across the globe and this year’s theme is “Investing in our Planet”. Space exploration has always been a vital part of humanity’s quest to build a sustainable future here on Earth. The famous “Earthrise” photo of our planet as seen from the moon, taken by the Apollo 8 spacecraft in 1968, helped to launch the modern environmental movement by changing our perspective on our place within the cosmos. As we continue to invest in our planet, the data that we acquire from orbit doesn’t just help us understand our environment – it also reminds us that it’s the only one we’ve got… at least for now, that is! Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day Every Day

Earth Day

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