Exploring the Hottest Planet to Learn and Improve Our Own

How can exploring other planets help improve our own? By the end of the decade, NASA will send two spacecraft to Venus. One craft will examine how the planet gained such a thick and hot atmosphere. The second craft will map the geography and observe any geological activity that may be ongoing. Venus has the hottest surface temperature in the solar system, reaching as high as 880 degrees Fahrenheit. By investigating what happened on Venus will help us further understand the evolution of the Earth and the solar system.

As Red Canyon seeks to explore other planets and to improve our own, we are excited to see a project that incorporates both of these values! Click below to discover more and to learn about how we are currently studying Venus.

NASA targets Venus with plans to send its first probes there in more than 30 years

What echoing radio waves taught us about Venus

NASA Selects Four Possible Missions to Study the Secrets of the Solar System

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