Exploration Aboard the ISS

All aboard the ISS! Next week, Northrop Grumman’s Cygnus resupply spacecraft is headed to the space station, filled with technology, scientific studies, and excitement! This science delivery, including cancer therapy tests, a new and improved space toilet, and radishes grown in space, will be joining the hundreds of experiments that are currently being examined on the ISS. And it doesn’t stop there – NASA’s continued efforts to create a low-Earth orbit (LEO) economy invites the operation of commercial activities at the space station.

Using this unique environment, whether to conduct research or a marketing photoshoot, helps scientists and commercial companies alike observe microgravity in LEO. The journey begins with the launch – NASA TV will be livestreaming on Tuesday September 29th, 10:27 p.m. EDT. To learn more about the different projects aboard the ISS, click the links below!

NASA Invites Media, Public to Watch Cargo Launch to Space Station

Cygnus Carries Toilet, Cancer Research, VR Camera to Space Station on 14th Mission

Northrop Grumman’s CRS-14 Mission to the International Space Station: What’s on Board

Low-Earth Orbit Economy Overview

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