Europa Clipper Preparing for Critical Step

Nine critical components of the Europa Clipper are currently being gathered from various NASA centers and industry partners to Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s main clean room. In late 2021, the Europa Clipper will progress into the System Integration Review, an important step that involves inspection, testing and review of the assembly process. Once it passes the review, the Clipper will move into Assembly, Test and Launch Operations (ATLO); estimated to be in spring 2022. Red Canyon software engineers are integral members of JPL’s flight software team!

Set to launch aboard SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy in 2024, the Europa Clipper will start its three-year journey to reach Jupiter’s orbit. The spacecraft will then study the depth and salinity of Europa’s internal ocean, the thickness of the outer ice crust, and even composition of the water through plumes on the surface! 

Did you know Europa Glows in the Dark? Click the link below to find out why and to learn more about the mission!

Jupiter’s Icy Moon Europa Glows in the Dark

A few steps closer to Europa: Spacecraft hardware makes headway

Europa Clipper Mission Page

JPL: Europa Clipper

Falcon Heavy to launch Europa Clipper

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