CubeSats are Hitching a Ride to Space on SLS

Ten internationally-developed CubeSats are headed to space on Artemis I. The adapter ring that connects Orion to the SLS upper stage has enough empty space to carry the CubeSats to three different “bus stops” on its way to the moon. These CubeSats will study the environment of cislunar space, perform “semi-hard” landings on the Moon, deploy a solar sail to go to a near-earth asteroid, and more! While the main focus of Artemis I is to complete Orion’s test flight around the moon, these CubeSats will provide valuable scientific data as we prepare to send humans back to the moon!

Click the links below to learn more about the CubeSats and the missions they will be accomplishing!

CubeSats to hitch rides on Artemis 1

Artemis 1 CubeSats: The 10 tiny satellites hitching a NASA ride to the moon

CubeSats on Artemis 1 to pursue bold missions in deep space, if they overcome battery concerns


Artemis 1: 10 wild facts about the NASA mission to the moon

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