Blast into 2023 with STEM!

One of Red Canyon’s long-standing values is to instill a passion about science and math with younger generations, and regularly participate in our local aerospace STEM community. Alongside NASA, we are encouraging all future explorers to make STEM a part of their New Year’s resolutions! Here are some ideas from NASA and more to launch into STEM in 2023:

  1. Artemis I was a huge success in 2022 but the Artemis missions don’t stop there! Explore NASA’s return to the Moon with Artemis by watching the video “To the Moon and Back: The Journey of Artemis I” and learn all about the launch through the Artemis I STEM Learning Pathway e-newsletter series
  2. Check out Adventures of Commander Moonikin Campos and Friends – a three-part online comic book series following Moonikin Campos, the manikin that flew in the commander’s seat on Artemis I.
  3. Take on one of NASA’s many student challenges: Human Exploration Rover Challenge, the Great Lunar Expedition for Everyone, Student Launch, and the Artemis Student Challenges are just some of the programs available. Head to NASA’s STEM Search and Next Gen STEM website to find a complete list of current student projects.
  4. Make space a part of your summer with the CSBR summer internship program!
  5. Get started finding you career by exploring all of the STEM careers NASA has to offer!
  6. Engage with astronauts aboard the International Space Station via Earth-to-space calls, or downlinks, where astronauts answer students’ questions. Click here to see the In-flight Education schedule.
  7. Join the NASA Connect community and subscribe to the digital newsletter NASA Express to stay up-to-date on the latest STEM resources and opportunities!

Are your interests piqued, but still need to find the right space-based STEM New Year’s resolution? Check out the links below!

Eight Ways Students Can Dive into NASA STEM in 2023

CSBR Summer Internship Program

NASA STEM Engagement

STEM Opportunities for Students

K-12 Space STEM Resources

NASA at Home — For Kids and Families

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