Astronauts Cast Their Votes in Space

Did you know astronauts can vote from space? Since 1997, after a bill was passed that legally allowed voting from space in Texas, astronauts have been able to participate in local, state, and federal elections– from low-Earth orbit! They simply fill out an absentee ballot before their launch and receive a test ballot on the space station training computer to fill out and send back. Then a secured, real ballot is uplinked to the ISS for the astronauts to cast their votes and securely downlink their completed ballot back to Earth to be officially recorded.

NASA Astronaut Kate Rubins proudly exercised her right to vote from space this year, as well as in 2016. “As NASA works toward sending astronauts to the Moon in 2024 and eventually on to Mars,” NASA stated, “the agency plans to continue to ensure astronauts who want to vote in space are able to, no matter where in the solar system they may be.” Whether it’s by mail, in person, or from outer space, honor your right to vote and make your voice heard this election!

Texas Administrative Code: Voting from Space

Vote While You float: An Astronaut Voting Story

Astronauts to Vote in Space

NASA astronaut Kate Rubins votes from ISS: ‘If we can do it from space…’

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