Artemis I Getting Closer to a Launch Date!

Artemis I had a very successful fourth wet dress rehearsal on Monday afternoon. While achieving the majority of accomplishments, the countdown was terminated about twenty seconds before the planned launch abort. This was due to the flight software detecting a leak in the bleed flow; the path hydrogen takes to get away from the engine. Engineers suspect this is a quick disconnect and are working on the repair. Meanwhile, officials are reviewing the technical data to determine if NASA needs to conduct another wet dress rehearsal, or if they have the go-ahead for launch!

Launching no earlier than late August, Artemis I is the critical next step in humanity’s exploration of our solar system! Want to learn more about SLS, Artemis I, and Orion? Check out the links below!

NASA encouraged by SLS countdown rehearsal

NASA Completes Wet Dress Rehearsal, Moves Forward Toward Launch

Orion Spacecraft

Space Launch System

NASA Artemis

Artemis I Map

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