A Super Flower Blood Moon is on Our Horizon

Grab your lawn chair and head outside this Sunday, May 15 to catch a glimpse of the Super Flower Blood Moon!

A supermoon is the term used for when the Moon is at its closest approach to Earth. Additionally, Native American tribes coined the term “flower moon” to refer to the full moon that occurs when spring flowers are blooming in abundance. Lastly, on Sunday evening, the Moon will enter Earth’s shadow, where the longer red and orange wavelengths will pass through the Earth’s atmosphere causing the Moon to appear red. With all this, we get the Super Flower Blood Moon!

The eclipse will last about three and a half hours and will be in totality for about 85 minutes. You can see the eclipse for yourself at the following times:

  Los Angeles Denver Chicago New York
Start of Partial: 7:40 PM             8:27 PM             9:27 PM             10:27 PM
Start of total:    8:29 PM 9:29 PM 10:29 PM 11:29 PM
Max Totality: 9:11 PM 10:11 PM 11:11 PM             12:11 PM
End of total: 9:53 PM 10:53 PM 11:53 PM 12:53 AM
End of partial: 10:55 PM 11:55 PM 12:55 AM

1:55 AM

Want to learn more about the eclipse and where, when, and how to view it? Check out the links below!

Total Lunar Eclipse on View May 15-16

A total lunar eclipse will turn the moon red the night of May 15

Blood Moon total lunar eclipse 2022: Everything you need to know

Total lunar eclipse – a supermoon eclipse – on May 15-16, 2022

Don’t Miss the May 15 Total Lunar Eclipse

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