A Special Kind of Eclipse

When the Moon orbits between the Sun and Earth, a spectacular solar eclipse takes place, offering a breathtaking view of the Moon’s silhouette. On April 20th at 12:12am EDT, a new moon will rise and treat the world to a special and rare hybrid eclipse. The eclipse will start as an annular eclipse – when the moon appears smaller than the sun and results in a ring of sunlight visible around the moon – become a total eclipse, and then transition back into an annular eclipse.

While the eclipse will only be visible to those in Australia, Indonesia, Timor-Leste, and the eastern Indian Ocean, there are bound to be incredible photos that all can enjoy.

Want to learn more? Check out the links below!

April 2023 new moon makes for a rare hybrid solar eclipse

April 20, 2023 Total Solar Eclipse

Annular-Total Solar Eclipse of April 20, 2023

April 2023 solar eclipse: 10 things to know

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