A Salute to InSight

InSight may have reached the end of its mission. A selfie captured by the rover on April 24th shows a thick layer of dust piled on the Mars lander. The amount of dust piled on the lander’s solar panels has reduced its solar energy production by about 90%. In preparation for a reduced state of power, InSight’s robotic arm will be repositioned into its resting position (or “retirement pose”).

InSight has exceeded expectations since its mission started and it is possible that the mission could continue if a dust devil were to come by and push some of the dust away but, in the meantime, we prepare for InSight’s retirement.

Red Canyon is proud to have participated in InSight’s creation and salutes the lander’s service.

Want to learn more about InSight? Check out the links below!

InSight’s Final Selfie

NASA’s Mars InSight lander snaps dusty ‘final selfie’ as power dwindles

NASA InSight lander takes final ‘selfie’ before storing its robotic arm permanently

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NASA Mars InSight Mission

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