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This past Wednesday was Greenpeace Day, a day dedicated to highlighting activism in the name of the environment. To celebrate, we wanted to share some resources you can interact with to understand more about the climate, wildfires, and earth monitoring satellites!

NASA’s Share the Science page gives you software you can use to track the projection of rising sea levels as well as track wildfires around the globe. Playing around with this software can give you a good idea of where sea levels are headed and get a feel for how devastating wild fires can be.

NASA’s Climate website provides you with articles, research and software you can use to learn more about various satellites, what they do, and how they help improve our own!

Follow the links to start exploring! How are you celebrating Greenpeace day? Comment below what you did!

NASA Share the Science: Understanding Climate and Wildfires

NASA: Global Climate Change – Vital Signs of the Planet

Greenpeace Home Page

National Holiday: Greenpeace Day

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