Haley Revels

Growing up in Middle Georgia, Haley has always been dedicated to helping others while continually expanding her knowledge to find her place in the universe. After taking an accounting 101 course for her associates degree in Business Administration, she found her passion for numbers and knew it was something she had to pursue further. She graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in 2019 and then began her journey to find her place in the accounting world. Her calling of always wanting to help others and wanting to be a part of something bigger than herself led her to earning a Master’s degree in Governmental and Non-Profit Accounting in 2022.

In early 2021, her husband was sought out to transfer to the United States Space Force. This caused her family to move to the Springs, and ultimately her fascination with space to grow. Continuously being in awe of the cosmos, wanting to have a position that she was passionate about the organization’s mission, and her family’s move to Colorado eventually caused the stars to align and led her to Red Canyon. The areas of expertise that she brings with her include tax, small business, construction, real estate, non-profit, local government, and federal government accounting.

When she is not crunching numbers for Red Canyon’s out of this world missions, you can usually find her rock climbing, hiking or camping in a National Park, or just simply being outdoors with her husband and 2 kiddos.