Administrative Assistant

Conrad Lenser

Conrad found passion for astronomy and the cosmos from his high school physics teacher, who introduced him to the science behind astronomy and fascinated him from his past experience working on lasers at Lockheed Martin. Conrad, however, has never had the opportunity to further his passion and truly try to make an impact until starting at Red Canyon Software! Conrad has lived in Colorado since he was 5, originally being born in Waukesha Wisconsin, he left for college to Gonzaga University in Spokane Washington where he graduated with a B.B.A, with concentrations in Human Resources and Supply Chain Management. After college, Conrad moved back to Denver at the start of 2023 where he has not looked back since joining the RC Fam, excited to build a career in space improving our planet, and hopeful to explore other planets with Red Canyon. Outside of work, Conrad spends his time being outdoors – whether that is going on a hike, slacklining, hammocking, disc golf, or simply laying in a park. What Conrad enjoys the most is going to all types of concerts, and continuing his love and appreciation for music.