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Red Canyon Engineering & Software has been awarded a contract with NASA Glenn Research Center for the development of NASA’s “LunarSIM” Educational Software Simulator.

LunarSIM will be an online game involving an interactive lunar base design and exploration simulation of a moon-base where astronauts live and conduct research. Players will design their lunar base in a 2-D Autocad type environment and then be able to explore the lunar base in the first-person. The goal of the game is to educate our next generation of space explorers, targeted at middle school students in grades six to eight. The game will be distributed for free via the internet and DVD.

The game will incorporate science that encourages players to think like engineers and astronauts while they walk or drive around the lunar base. The game is being developed using an open-source software 3D environment.

“This contract is a tremendous win for Red Canyon Software, small Colorado companies and the Colorado aerospace community. It reinforces the fact that Colorado continues to be a leader in space exploration and ranks 2nd in the nation in aerospace employees,” said Barry Hamilton, CEO and Founder of Red Canyon Software. “The LunarSIM Simulator will support Red Canyon Software’s mission by providing school age children a fun and exciting environment to learn about the moon, space exploration and robotic missions, encouraging our next generation of engineers and astronauts, as well as supporting space exploration.”

Among the various phases Red Canyon is performing for this assignment are: program management, technical assessment, object oriented-analysis & design, software development, modeling & integration, and testing.