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Deep Impact

As explained by the Ball Aerospace website, "Deep Impact was the eighth mission in NASA's Discovery Program and the first mission to attempt impact with a comet nucleus to probe beneath its surface. Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. designed and built the cutting-edge, dual-spacecraft system and the instruments that captured the collision. Impact with comet Tempel 1 occurred on July 4, 2005, and gave scientists an unprecedented view of the characteristics of comets and pristine materials inside them."

RCS developed the Uplink/Dowlink and Telecom Software which enables the satellite to communicate back with earth. It is through this communication that the satellite is able to point it's camera's at what the scientists want to look at, keep it's solar arrays on the sun so we have power, etc. RCS also developed the Inertial Navigation software, which allows the satellite to make maneuvers on it's way to Mars to ensure a safe aerocapture around Mars.

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