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*filled* GIS Developer at NREL


ASAP - 9/30/16

Post Date:


Red Canyon is seeking a self-motivated, detail oriented, goal driven individual to be a GIS Developer for the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) at their location in Golden, Colorado.

Job Description:
The web application developer must be interested in making a difference in the world by changing the way people think about energy. The ideal candidate is experienced in visualization of complex datasets, especially spatial data, as well as excited about our mission. You will support a family of applications built on our OpenCarto framework for evaluating opportunities for renewable energy deployment around the world, such as and our Geospatial Toolkit This position requires excellent web application development as well as ability to collaborate and openly communicate with across functional and organizational borders.

Duties shall include, but not be limited to:
We have a team of geospatial data scientists and web developers who are passionate about their work to design, develop, test and deploy applications that enable decisions around the world for implementing renewable energy. As part of the team you will:
• Develop, test, and maintain intuitive user interfaces for web-based renewable energy GIS
• Develop, test, and maintain dynamic interactive data visualizations using web technologies
• Develop, test, and maintain RESTful APIs for data dissemination and spatial analysis
• Import and maintain spatial data layers in both database (PostgreSQL/PostGIS) and flat file (HDF, raster) formats
• Configure and test WMS and WFS layers using Geoserver and PostGIS
The candidate chosen must be able to work independently, but be willing to follow direction and be able to follow the standards developed by the team.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Attributes (3-5 years of recent experience):
Bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, or related discipline, or equivalent relevant experience. Willing to consider junior, mid-level or senior applicants for this position. Candidates must have advanced knowledge of JavaScript interface development and a thorough understanding of server side development in Ruby on Rails: designing, coding, refactoring, testing, data validation, maintenance, and data analysis. This position works closely with analysts to ensure that their results are communicated to the public through visualizations and applications that are intuitive and informative. Must be U.S. Citizen.

Preferred Qualifications:
The ideal candidate would have experience in all of the following:
• Must have proven experience with data visualization in JavaScript.
• Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, and PostgreSQL, is familiar with GitHub Enterprise, and enjoys client interaction and project design
• The ability to work within the entire project stack from front end JavaScript to back end web services including familiarity with database concepts.
• Ability to work independently as well as part of a dynamic, multi-disciplinary team.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Ability to simultaneously contribute to and complete multiple tasks and to meet the needs of multiple customers
• Detail-oriented, good teamwork skills, willingness to learn, strong problem-solving skills, and adaptability to a rapidly changing work environment.
• Experience in web-based GIS. Demonstrated knowledge of GIS analysis techniques, and the principles of geographic information science with prior experience performing spatial analysis specifically focused on renewable energy related problems.
• Experience in Python is a significant plus

Please send resume and cover letter to