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*filled* Software Engineer Senior on EED-2

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The position shall work with development teams and EOSDIS sponsor on-board and support cloud-based software solutions onto the NGAP Platform. The engineer should have:
• Experience designing, developing and implementing and securing cloud environments.
• Hands-on technical experience with one or more cloud-based application platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and/or Microsoft Azure and have previous experience consulting on and architecting the implementation of a wide range of innovative cloud use cases.
• Develop an overall project plan for the entire engagement, including milestones and critical success checkpoints.
• The consultant shall have a strong understanding of the business needs for customer cloud adoption and ability to design the environment to meet those needs.
• The engineer shall be involved within developing requirements documentation for cloud deployments and initiatives. The engineer shall develop an implementation plan for the cloud solution.
• Ensure compliance to various program/project and NASA standards and requirements as well as the legal requirements of (SEC-508).
• Ensure industry best practices and assets are leveraged when necessary.

Required Skills:
• In-depth knowledge and understanding of application hosting in the cloud, with 6 years of experience using virtual machines in an Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) or Platform as Service (PAAS) environment.
• In-depth of Amazon Web Services products and services.
• 5-8 years of in-depth experience in designing and implementing, and supporting infrastructures and operations. Focus on high availability of hardware, data replication, and provide real-time recovery in failure situations
• 5-8 years of experience with the UNIX OS and server side scripting languages.
• Must have proven ability to manage, prioritize, and execute multiple concurrent software development project activities.
• Energetic, self-motivated, team player that is comfortable using collaboration and open communications.
• Must possess the ability to assess architecture and current system limitations.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Good experience in preparing IT technical documents.
• Bachelor’s Degree
• All candidates must be able to pass a National Agency Clearance with Inquires (NACI) screening
• U.S. Citizen

Desired Skills:
• Experience with cloud computing/architectures
• Experience with full life cycle Software design and development experience on large/complex n-tier client/server applications.
• Experience in scripting and other support tools languages
• Experience deploying code to virtual machines using best-of-breed software packages for CI (continuous integration)/CD (continuous deployment) tools. Examples of tools are Capistrano, Bamboo, Puppet, and Chef

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