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*filled* Principal Systems Engineer on EED-2



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Job Description:
A talented systems engineer is needed on Raytheon’s EED (EOSDIS Evolution and Development) team which supports NASA in its mission to provide scientists and other users access to data from NASA’s Earth science missions. As a member of the EED team, systems engineers will build innovative tools allowing scientists and students alike to discover, transform, update and improve the quality of earth science data in the pursuit of solving a wide range of environmental and socio-economic issues. Specifically, this opening is for a systems engineer on EED’s Common Metadata Repository (CMR) team. The CMR is a repository for ~300M earth science metadata records from around the world. It receives approximately 1.5M queries per week and is envied for its speed and reliability. The systems engineer will be responsible for improving the quality of the metadata in the CMR via data analysis of the existing records and proposed metadata model changes in order to improve future records.

EED is committed to using agile practices on its high performing teams, and this extends to systems engineers. As such, systems engineers are expected to be self-starters and will be called upon to participate in many aspects of the software development lifecycle, from user story generation, through design and periodic testing support. Additionally, systems engineers are encouraged to regularly suggest improvements to EED processes and tools in order to make our products better and our work more efficient.

Required Skills:
• Ability to bring disparate groups together and work with them to achieve consensus
• Ability to develop metadata models which will yield high quality and easy to understand metadata
• Ability to read and manipulate .xml, .xsd and JSON schema files
• Ability to programmatically interact with REST APIs to retrieve and analyze data
• Proponent of continuous process improvement and willingness to bring new ideas to the team
• Strong written and oral communication skills
• Strong attention to detail
• Proven data-driven approach to problem solving
• Ability to work as a member of small team
• 8 years of experience with a B.S./B.A. in Engineering, Science, or Mathematics OR 6 years with MS/MA in Engineering, Science or Mathematics OR 4 years with PhD in Engineering, Science or Mathematics
• All candidates must be able to pass a National Agency Clearance with Inquires (NACI) screening
• U.S. Citizen

Desired Skills:
• Experience with earth science metadata or other science metadata
• Experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS)
• Experience with Geographic information systems (GIS)
• Experience with the Atlassian tool suite (JIRA, Confluence, Bamboo)
• Experience with automated testing frameworks
• Experience with requirements development and maintenance
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills


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