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*filled* Spacecraft Flight Software Engineer

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Skills: 10 Years of developing real time flight software in aeronautical or astronautical applications. GNC, VxWorks, ACPM, AKPM

Red Canyon is seeking a self motivated, detail oriented, goal driven individual to be a Spacecraft Flight Software Engineer.

After reading the below requirements and responsibilities, if you feel you are the perfect candidate, please email your Word formatted resume and cover letter that details how your experience and education are a perfect match for our requirements. In the cover letter please include your salary requirement. Thank you!

Description: Spacecraft Flight Software Engineer. Denver, Colorado

Task: Develop navigation flight software for NASA interplanetary spacecraft.

Experience BS or Masters in Aerospace Engineering, Computer Science or similar discipline.

10 Years of developing real time flight software in aeronautical or astronautical applications.

Guidance, Navigation and Control (GNC) software development with planetary modeling experience

Development under the VxWorks operating system on Rad Hardened Processors (this spacecraft utilizes a Rad PPC 250)

Simulation software experience to conduct testing including fault protection, Attitude Control Performance Monitor and Attitude Knowledge Performance Monitor

Familiarity with other spacecraft subsystems including Telecom, Thermal, Power, etc.

Contract Length: First of the year for 6-8 months*.gnc software with fault protection (ACPM, AKPM), and Simulation software which is models such as telecom and thermal, and some planetary modeling.