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We attract ambitious engineers who are in the top of their field. Our engineers are passionate about their professions and do not view work as just “jobs”. We work hard, enjoy life, and try to minimize politics in the workplace. In all we do, we inspire enthusiasm, encourage commitment, and enjoy the moment. Click here to find out more about why you should join the Red Canyon team!

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*filled* FPGA Designer

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Skills: 15+ years minimum, in digital design. FPGA & ASIC experience. VHDL experience.

Red Canyon is seeking a self motivated, detail oriented, goal driven individual to be a FPGA Designer on the Orion spacecraft program.

After reading the below requirements and responsibilities, if you feel you are the perfect candidate, please email your Word formatted resume and cover letter that details how your experience and education are a perfect match for our requirements. In the cover letter please include your salary requirement. Thank you!

FPGA Designer to support the Orion PDU IPT Team. Work location Denver, Colorado.

1) Lead/support FPGA architectures’ develop Verification plans.
2) Need to work in a team environment
3) Develop, FPGA specification, test bench for designs, and code as needed for Flight FPGA
4) Support, FPGA Specifications, architectural, CODE walkthrough, and final FPGA reviews.

Experience Includes:
** 15+ years minimum, in digital design.
** FPGA & ASIC experience.
** VHDL, and VHDL self checking test bench experience.
** Mentoring HDL, Model Sim, Synplicity, Actel Designers
** Steeper Motor & Actuator Experience
** Experience with Ethernet, Motor control, Power systems, Verilog, are optional skills.
** Strong work ethic in a team environment.
** Strong technical and communicative skills.
** Self motivated, detail oriented, goal driven.
** Passionate about space exploration.