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*filled* Graphics Processing Software Engineer at Jet Propulsion Laboratory (CA)



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Skills: radar CUDA

Do you want to help a small company make a BIG difference in space? Do you take ownership of your job and responsibility for your actions? Then come work for Red Canyon and help us continue our mission of helping mankind reach the stars!

Red Canyon is seeking a self-motivated, detail oriented, goal driven Engineer on the DSIO program at Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA.

After reading the below requirements and responsibilities, if you feel you are the perfect candidate, please email your Word formatted resume and cover letter (in the body of the email) that details how your experience and education are a perfect match for our requirements.

Raytheon Pasadena is looking for a software engineer who is comfortable in software development, delivery, and processing. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to support exciting projects for our JPL/NASA customer.

Work Activities:
Coordinate set-up and use of new institutional GPU resources
Create a GPU-native implementation of ampcor (an ISCE module) to compare with the GPU translation of the original CPU code
GPU implementation tasks for Zebker Stanford group back-projection image formation software
GPU implementation tasks for spectral estimation algorithm related to NISAR PRF dithering topic
GPU implementation tasks for radar frequency interference (RFI) mitigation algorithm
Test and refine GPU suite
GPU implementation of a few other existing ISCE components
GPU implementation of ionosphere correction software
GPU implementation for current phase unwrapping components: Analyze, Implement GPU, Test/Refine
GPU implementation for current or prototype image formation components: Analyze, Implement GPU, Test/Refine

Required Clearance:
Clearance is not required for this position

Required Skills:
Experience with radar (or signal processing) algorithm development and processing
Experience with CUDA GPU implementation and GPU-based processing
Expert in C++
Experience with Python
Experience with Fortran
Experience with AWS cloud computing

Desired Skills:
Ability to work in a team environment
Ability to complete detailed, accurate work under time pressure
Strong written and verbal communication skills

The candidate will be required to work in Pasadena CA

Education and Years of Experience:
Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related subject and a minimum of 5 years of related experience.
Red Canyon Engineering and Software: “Exploring Other Planets, Improving our Own”

Red Canyon contracts with NASA, NREL (National Renewable Energy Lab), DoD, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Honeywell, Millennium Engineering, United Launch Alliance, Harris Inc., SAIC, Lewis & Fowler, Ball Aerospace, Sierra Nevada Corporation, and Raytheon among others. We specialize in building spacecraft, developing renewable energy technologies to help make our planet a better world and cutting edge research and development. Our disciplines include systems engineering, mechanical design, structural analysis, real time flight and ground software, simulation software, user interface software, and mission management software. We help our contractors with the full life cycle of product development from requirements to test and delivery.

Some of the programs we have previously or currently worked on include: Mars 98, Odyssey 01, Stardust, Genesis and Deep Impact, Mars Phoenix, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, Orion, Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, GOES-R, OSIRIS-REx, Maven, JUNO, Grail, and the MarsFlight and LunarSIM Simulation. We also work on classified programs.

We have a fun and talented team of engineers and we are committed to our engineers continued success and development. Included in our employment package are immediate HUBZone bonus, health benefits, profit sharing, referral bonuses, and a generous 401(K) retirement plan.

Please send resume and cover letter to