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*filled* Junior Test Engineer at Walt Disney Imagineering in Glendale, CA



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Skills: plc robotics Software automation testing twincat ethercat

Do you want to help a small company make a BIG difference in space? Do you take ownership of your job and responsibility for your actions? Then come work for Red Canyon and help us continue our mission of helping mankind reach the stars!

Red Canyon is seeking a self-motivated, detail oriented, goal driven Junior Software Test Engineer at Walt Disney Imagineering!

After reading the below requirements and responsibilities, if you feel you are the perfect candidate, please email your Word formatted resume and cover letter (in the body of the email) that details how your experience and education are a perfect match for our requirements.

Disney is re-imagining its animatronic platform and developing multiple, robotic figures using a model-based software system. The robotic systems run on advanced, industrial standard PLCs using EtherCAT and CAN bus in the TwinCAT environment with Disney-developed robotic-animation and show-control libraries. This position will include testing both the library source code for the model-generating system and the operations models and UI tools of all generated robotic figures. The library source code is evolving daily with new features to be implemented on new robotics. All operations models must be custom-configured for the robotics and adjusted as hardware changes. Models may be unique or may be duplicated/cloned with minor adjustments. Accuracy and precision of motion, quick setup and testing, and thorough testing are all key. Automation is necessary, as well as "eyes-on" for the safety of moving parts.

Tasks can be expected in helping design, prototype, re-architect, and implement test environments for the multiple systems and in testing software and hardware. To include:

Comparing available test framework tools.
Implementing a testing structure or separated structures, based on determined needs.
Extracting and documenting library software requirements and robotic figure configurations.
Outlining and detailing Test Plans for the library source code.
Outlining and detailing Test Plans for the different robotic systems.
Writing/generating tests quickly within the 2-month Release schedule and iteratively within a continuous integration pipeline.
Linking requirements and hardware to tests to track code coverage.
Running tests and archiving products for repeated use, as needed.
Capturing, logging, and reporting test results.
Tracking new features and source code impacts to requirements and tests for minimized re-testing.

Candidate will be on the software testing and figure integration team and will interact with several teams across Disney Attraction Software, including library developers and the figure programmers, as well as robotics and hardware support teams and the technology and development operations support team.

Opportunities also exist for simulation development to help testing.

Preferred skills/experience: large-scale software and hardware testing, software automation, Structured Text, scripting languages, Python, MATLAB/Simulink, C#, TwinCAT, Visual Studio, gitlab, JIRA, Confluence, Agile development, Computer Science background with knowledge of robotics (motors, drives, encoders, etc.).

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