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*filled* Senior Systems Engineering Ground Integration Engineer (GIE) - KSC C3


ASAP - 1/31/2019



Post Date:


This is a Senior Engineer level engineering position. The primary function is to provide the Systems Engineering Ground Integration Engineer (GIE) interface within the C3 areas of responsibility in the launch Control System (LCS) IPT within the End-to-End (E2E) Element. Provide requirements management, ground integration, and engineering support for C3 subsystems to meet EGS requirements and needs.
This position will work closely with the EGS C3 Systems Engineering manager. Primary duties will be focused on tracking of subsystem level requirements development, satisfaction, and closure and ensuring that the requirements needed for LCS are adequately captured in the appropriate requirements tracking database and testing procedures. A focus on innovation is strongly encouraged in this position.
Specific tasks include the following:
• RPS GIE – Lead the elicitation and coordination of stakeholder/user requirements; develop, baseline and manage Cradle requirements; review SSRD, DVM, RTVM, TRDs, CRs and Cradle to verify RPS requirements have proper traceability throughout system design, implementation, verification and validation.
• Provide a Systems Engineering interface to C3 Operations
• Develop Functional Configuration Audit/Physical Configuration (FCA/PCA) materials and checklists and performing FCA/PCA audits
• GSE GIE - Co-chair weekly Ground Systems Equipment/Delivery Discrepancy Panel (GSE/DDP)
• Participate in IRD and ICD reviews and provide impact assessments
• Conduct studies and initiate/assess Change Requests per GSDO-PRO-1011, GSDO Program Development Framework.
• Lead Program Analysis Requests (PARs) and Trade Studies including leading collaboration meetings to conduct PARs, assess Change Requests, and compile CR impact assessments per GSDO-PRO-1011, GSDO Program Development Framework.
• Chair weekly DDP-GSE meetings in accordance with C3-3017, GSDO DDP-GSE Charter and checklist, and SCCS-DI-5045, Clearquest Development Activity
• As a member of the C3 FCA/PCA team, attend bi-weekly meetings, and prepare for and conduct FCA/PCA audits of the deliveries coming out of the SCCS iterative build/delivery process, as well as the GSE Subsystem SW development/delivery process, in accordance with E2ECC-P-5033 Functional Configuration Audit/Physical Configuration Audit (FCA/PCA). Report results to stakeholders, and provide final out brief as part of each SCCS VSR.
• Represent C3 SEI&T manager as the SE chair at the weekly GSE DDPs. Approve GSE software Development Activities (DAs) throughout their process from “Submit” to “Close,” and provide out-of-panel support to approve DAs and associated activities that need immediate attention.
• Review SLS and Orion IRDs and ICDs and coordinate with the EGS GSE subsystems to provide impact assessments and comments per GSDO-PRO-1011, GSDO Program Development Framework.
• C3 Records Management Custodian, ensure C3 records are managed in accordance with KNPR 1440.6, KSC Records Management
• Recommend innovations to existing processes, procedures, development cycles, requirement tracking and other areas within the scope of this position.

• Prefer knowledge of the following applications: ClearQuest, Accurev, CodeCollaborator, Windchill, Cradle, OMRS Database, KDDMS, Maximo, TechDoc
• Required knowledge: MS Office applications; Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project

• Engr V – Engineering degree and 15 years of experience with a PhD, or 18 years of related experience with a MS, or 20 years of related experience with a BS degree
• Must be U.S. Citizen per contractual requirements