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*filled* Spacecraft Flight Software Test Engineer

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Red Canyon is seeking a self-motivated, detail oriented, goal driven individual to be a flight software test engineer on the Orion spacecraft. The work will be performed on-site at Lockheed Martin in Houston, Texas or Kennedy Space Center (KSC).

After reading the below requirements and responsibilities, if you feel you are the perfect candidate, please email your Word formatted resume and cover letter (in the body of the email) that details how your experience and education are a perfect match for our requirements.

Job Responsibilities:
Provide safety critical software unit tests and results in accordance with the Lockheed Martin Orion SDP Coding Standards (DRD CEV-T- 005000) and Orion Flight Software requirements, to include the following:
• Exported TCF files for LDRA toolset and supporting infrastructure
• LDRA reports and test results artifacts (i.e. specific test data, dynamic coverage analysis, metrics, regression test report)
• Problem reports for any failed test cases or defects found in the code and/or requirements (identifiable defects will be documented in the Orion JIRA too.
• Details of the test environment, commercial tools, configuration set-ups, proprietary routines, and any other information required for reproduction of the tests;
• Unit Test stubs and drivers
• Provide support and assistance to the FSW development IPTs to enable them to reproduce the automated testing coverage, results, and flight software artifacts in their LDRA testing environment at Lockheed Martin.
• Conducting software peer reviews and documenting the results of the reviews in accordance with DRD CEV-T-007 as directed by the Lockheed Martin technical POC.

• Software test
• Safety
• Strong written and verbal communication
• Energetic, self-motivated, team player
• Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or related field
• All candidates must be able to pass a background screening
• U.S. Citizen


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