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Space Fact of the Week

Orion EFT- 1 Space Capsule at Kennedy Space Center

Orion EFT-1

The Orion Exploration Flight Test-1 Space Capsule on display at the Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center recently added a new exhibit called NASA Now. It shows guests what is happing at NASA now and many different pieces of the future of space travel. As of April 10, this exhibit now includes the Orion Exploration Flight Test-1 Capsule. The EFT-1 launched in December 2014 and completed its uncrewed mission at 3600 miles above the Earth! The capsule was supposed to be used again for testing but a different capsule is now being used. It will remain on display in Kennedy Space Center unless it is needed by NASA again.

"As described within the exhibit, the Orion was built based upon all we've learned from NASA's 50 years of human spaceflight experience using the most advanced technologies available today to safely send astronauts further into space than any other spacecraft in history." The next Orion capsule, possibly crewed, is currently estimated to launch in 2018.

Red Canyon is excited for the future of the Orion mission and our engineer's involvement in the process! Check out the video below to see the intense process it takes to construct these amazing spacecrafts!

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