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Red Canyon Sofware - Exploring Other Planets, Improving Our Own


“I find that Red Canyon is an exceptional company to work with – far better than any other company I have dealt with in the past. You are very responsible to inquiries and very flexible. These are two very desirable qualities.”

Dr. William “Tim” Dedula, MarsFlight & LunarSIM Program Manager, NASA Glenn Research Center

“Red Canyon provided qualified software engineers to Ball Aerospace for the Deep Impact mission. Their engineers performed in flight and ground software roles from design, implementation, test, deployment, and, in a few cases, mission operations phases. Deep Impact, characterized by NASA as very ‘daring and risky mission’ successfully intercepted comet Tempel 1 on July 4, 2005.”

Phil Inslee, Deep Impact Software Manager, Ball Aerospace

“Red Canyon software engineers supported the Deep Impact flight software development throughout the entire program lifecycle. The Red Canyon engineers provided high quality software and systems expertise, and they were fully integrated with the Deep Impact team. Red Canyon was with us all the way through to our encounter with the Tempel 1 comet.”

Monte Henderson, Deep Impact Program Manager, Ball Aerospace

“It is a rare occurrence where one is able to be involved with such extraordinary human events as the exploration of our solar system and the search for life beyond the confines of our fragile atmosphere. Being part of a team of exceptional engineers dedicated to pursuing all that is best in the human spirit gives me a sense of personal and professional satisfaction that I will be able to proudly reflect upon for the rest of my life. Here’s to many more adventures…”

Steven Carmer, Red Canyon Engineering & Software Employee

“Working at Red Canyon Engineering (RCE) offers the chance to work with professionals that are dedicated to the Space Program. Whether we’re putting men back on the moon or going to Mars, RCE offers the opportunity to work on big engineering challenges. For the Orion project, RCE has the feel and flexibility of small-company while being embedded within a large company. It is exciting work that is a joy to talk about, and fun to do…”

Donelson Lawry, Red Canyon Engineering & Software Employee

“I have been employed with Red Canyon for almost 10 years. Red Canyon places the highest expectation on its employees and in return rewards and acknowledges our hard work. By offering competitive wages, year-end bonuses, profit sharing, and access to exciting projects, we are able to recruit and keep some of the best people in the aerospace industry. Having known Barry Hamilton both as a personal friend and as our CEO, I can honestly say that he is a classic Level-5 Leader, demonstrating both genuine personal humility and intense professional will in building and operating Red Canyon.”

Bob Radicevich, Red Canyon Engineering & Software Employee

“My experience at Red Canyon has been one of respect, mutual support and incredible opportunity to explore my technical knowledge. I am proud to be a part of a group of leading engineers in the aerospace community. Not only is the Red Canyon team extremely professional and competent, but the group comeraderie is one of the key aspects that makes working for Red Canyon a wonderful experience. Barry's dedication to and support of his team has been exceptional. I'm so grateful for the support you provide me as I continue to grow.”

Kelly Bezjak, Red Canyon Engineering & Software Employee

“It has been a privilege for me to be part of the Red Canyon team.”

Steve Carpenter, Red Canyon Engineering & Software Employee

“What a great company to work for! [Red Canyon Software] is so generous!”

Fred Kocher, Red Canyon Engineering & Software Employee

“I have had several positive experiences working for Red Canyon, including the great effort Barry makes to create a Red Canyon "team environment" even though we are spread across the country. Another positive experience has been the ability to have a flexible work schedule. Also, Red Canyon's profit‐sharing has been generous to date. To anyone "on the fence" about accepting a position with Red Canyon, I would say it turned out to be a very good decision for me!”

Treva Keller Duke, Red Canyon Engineering & Software Employee

“Red Canyon is BY FAR the best company I’ve ever worked for.”

Steve Larkin, Red Canyon Engineering & Software Employee

“Red Canyon contacted me first, but I was already employed in another position. After that contract ended, I ended up inviting myself up for a visit while I was up here on vacation. I really liked everyone after meeting them, so I stayed in touch. 2. I think the staff has been the best part. Barry and Kristin have talked with me for several years and always have been helpful. I've never gotten a raise as a contractor before. I tend to look for companies that are run like this one. There are only two contract houses that I really trust in. Red Canyon is one of them. If anyone asked my advice, I'd say to go for it and work for Red Canyon. I'd tell them they could trust in this company. Red Canyon is the best contract company I've worked with.”

Nick Kee, Red Canyon Engineering & Software Employee

“I'm very happy and thankful to be part of Red Canyon. Red Canyon makes me feel part of the family, especially by hosting holiday parties, summer concerts, and a pat on the back for a job well done.”

Raz Phou, Red Canyon Engineering & Software Employee

“I've been in the aerospace business for 30+ years and have seen a lot of consulting firms. I've worked with them as an employee and as a customer. The experience I've had with Red Canyon is the best I've had, both as a customer for many years and now as an employee. So often these firms are nothing more than “job shops” and offer little value to their employees outside of a paycheck. Red Canyon is much more. Their leadership has fostered strong relationships with many of the customers in our industry. Furthermore, Red Canyon is flexible with their employees in terms of how they structure their benefits. Everyone from the owner through to the staff are patient and competent which is ever so important in navigating the complex world of aerospace consulting. I chose Red Canyon based on my experience with a handful of their people, some of the best in my career, and now I'm doing my best to extend Red Canyon's reputation.”

Paul McCumber, Red Canyon Engineering & Software Employee

“When determining to join the Red Canyon Engineering & Software (RCE&S) team there isn't just one aspect of the company that stands out. Working at RCE&S offers the chance to work with professionals who excel in engineering & communication, who integrate seamlessly with our clients and are dedicated to their work. Although a small company RCE&S places the highest expectation on its employees and in return rewards and acknowledges our hard work. By offering competitive wages, year-end bonuses, profit sharing and access to exciting projects among many other things, RCE&S is able to recruit and keep some of the best people in the aerospace industry. Barry and the entire RCE&S management team treats every employee with respect and mutual support making you feel as if it's a family you're part of, not just a company. Barry and the entire RCE&S teams dedication to and support of each employee has been exceptional. Your concerns and thoughts are always considered and you're always part of the team as everyone's voice is heard. Being part of a team that treats you as more than just an employee and rewards you for all that you do for the team in creating innovative engineering solutions to answer science's most challenging questions about our ecosystem and the cosmos makes each day enjoyable to where you don't even consider what you do a "real" job.”

David Cook, Red Canyon Engineering & Software Employee

“Red Canyon was asked by NASA to team with us. We accepted the invitation because we'd heard of Red Canyon's credentials from the JPL sponsor. As well, we'd read a paper they did for AI Magazine that showed they'd been doing good, solid technical work in the area of scheduling spacecraft activities. I've only worked with Caroline [Chouinard] a short time, but she seems to be exactly the kind of team leader needed for SBIR work. She understands the technologies involved, but is also aware that research can turn out to be harder or take longer than initially proposed, and so is flexible with schedules and deliverables. Another positive experience I had was working with Elise Rudoff in getting our subcontract with Adventium done. She stayed with it through the minefield of government required details to help us get the subcontract underway in time to allow the subcontractor to do the work without a new statement of work. I'd highly recommend teaming with Red Canyon in the area of spacecraft scheduling.”

Pete Bonasso, Senior Scientist in AI & Robotics, TRACLabs, Inc.

“We’ve worked with Red Canyon Engineering for several years now as a sub contract supplier of project management services.  One of the reasons that we decided to team with Red Canyon was their fit with our culture and values of honesty, high touch customer service, delivery excellence and straight forward communication.  We have a great relationship which we are working on growing with additional customers and our teams work well together which I think is a testament to the shared leadership values of both companies.”

Kevin Lewis, Managing Partner, Lewis Fowler